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  • Test-Driven Development – 7×10

    In this episode, Chuck talks about test-driven development (TDD). He talks about the practice, and ways agile coaches and scrum masters can help their teams adopt it. This is an […]

  • Clearly Articulating Instructions – 6×5

    Today, Chuck talks about Jean Tabaka and some facilitation wisdom he learned from her about clearly articulating instructions for a group activity. Let them know what, when, who, how, and […]

  • Tornado Tim – 5×5

    This week is a short episode about a facilitation technique for helping a group of people learn each others’ names.

  • 4×11 – Mob Programming

    This week, Chuck talks about the emerging practice of mob programming, in which a group of three or more people collaboratively write code around a single keyboard and monitor. While this […]

  • Goals – 2×13

    In this show, Chuck talks about forming goals, and an alternative to SMART goals that he finds more compelling. This episode is sponsored by our friends and generous backers on Patreon. […]

  • Code Katas versus Koans – 2×09

    In this reprise of a classic Agile Chuck Wagon episode, Chuck talks about the difference between a code kata and a koan, and the role each can play in the […]

  • SCARF threat model – 2×02

    In this episode, Chuck introduces listeners to the SCARF threat model, and how threats to our status, certainty, autonomy, relatedness, and fairness impact our ability to listen and engage with […]