Tag: technique

  • Only Handle It Once – 7×2

    This short episode introduces the short OHIO framework for handling information only once using the 4 T’s (tackle it, task it, toss it, transfer it).

  • Ten Ways to Have a Better Conversation – 6×15

    In this episode, Chuck relates ten tips for having better conversations from a TED talk by Celeste Headlee.

  • Good Enough – 6×13

    In this episode, Chuck talks about good enough. He touches on concepts like the Pareto Principle (you get 80% of the value with the first 20% of the work) and […]

  • Clearly Articulating Instructions – 6×5

    Today, Chuck talks about Jean Tabaka and some facilitation wisdom he learned from her about clearly articulating instructions for a group activity. Let them know what, when, who, how, and […]

  • 4×14 – Sparrow Decks

    At Mile High Agile 2018, Mike Clement introduced Chuck to the idea of sparrow decks in Mike’s presentation about code smells. In this episode, Chuck talks about sparrow decks, what they are, and […]

  • 4×12 – Behavioral Interviews

    Today, Chuck talks about how to recognize a fellow agilist using behavioral interview techniques. He also shares some wisdom of the crowd around good interview questions. This topic stems from […]

  • 4×10 – Glasl’s Model of Conflict Escalation

    Today, Chuck talks about the conflict escalation model of Freidrich Glasl, which contains three levels of conflict, with three stages each. In addition, Glasl gives techniques for deescalating conflict based on which […]

  • 4×9 – The Hungarian Algorithm

    This week, Chuck describes the Hungarian algorithm, which is a way to solve the issue of fairly distributing tasks among an equal number of workers. He talks about how he […]

  • 4×8 – The BECOME Process

    As a follow-up to a prior episode, Chuck talks about BECOME, a step-by-step approach to respond to an incident of inappropriate behavior as a teachable moment when possible. The name is an […]

  • 3×06 – The 5-second Rule

    This time on the Agile Chuck Wagon, Chuck talks about Mel Robbins’ 5-second rule. No, not the one about picking up food off the floor. Mel has a technique for […]