Tag: quality

  • Eight Dimensions of Product Quality – 7×14

    Today, Chuck talks about David Garman’s eight dimensions of product quality: performance, features, reliability, conformance, durability, serviceability, aesthetics, and perceived quality. These categories are well-known in the TQM community, and […]

  • 4×16 – Season 4 Recap

    Chuck looks back at season 4. Listenership is up, and so is sound quality! This episode is sponsored by our friends and generous backers on Patreon. Sponsors are needed to help […]

  • Measuring team performance – 1×13

    Chuck talks about measuring team delivery, using cycle time, escaped defects, planned-to-done ratio, and team happiness. Cycle time measures productivity. Escaped defects predict customer satisfaction. The planned-to-done ratio of a team’s backlog […]