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  • Karpman Drama Triangle – 7×15

    Chuck talks about the Karpman Drama Triangle, its roles of victim, rescuer, and persecutor. He also shares a couple frameworks for breaking the triangle. Note: Early listeners may have noticed […]

  • Leadership Communication Grid – 5×13

    Tired of ineffective meetings? In this week’s episode, Chuck talks about a classification tool by Graham Jones from his book, Top Performance Leadership. His leadership communication grid describes what channels of […]

  • Bias and Variance – 5×8

    Today, Chuck talks about the statistics concepts of bias and variance, which are used to measure predictive models. Bias measures how well the model fits the data, and variance measures how much the […]

  • STARS model – 5×6

    In today’s episode, Chuck talks about the STARS model. It’s introduced in The First 90 Days by Michael Watkins. The STARS model is used to help leaders transition into new positions. STARS […]

  • 5×2 – The Relationship Ecosystem

    In today’s episode, Chuck talks about the Relationship Ecosystem that Morag Barrett describes in her book Cultivate. It’s a model to classify work relationships into four categories: ally, supporter, rival, and adversary. […]

  • 4×10 – Glasl’s Model of Conflict Escalation

    Today, Chuck talks about the conflict escalation model of Freidrich Glasl, which contains three levels of conflict, with three stages each. In addition, Glasl gives techniques for deescalating conflict based on which […]

  • Eisenhower Decision Matrix – 1×14

    Chuck introduces listeners to the Eisenhower Decision Matrix, which gets at the heart of the difference between urgency and importance. While they are sometimes found together, often things seem more […]

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    SIFT cognition model – 1×07

    In this episode, Chuck introduces listeners to the SIFT cognition model. He uses a running example to show how mistakes in sensing your environment, inferring meaning, formulating intent, and translating thoughts into […]