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  • Development Managers at the Daily Standup – 7×5

    Today, Chuck brings a controversy from work to the podcast. He makes a case for the ability for development managers to attend daily standup. He talks about the policy that […]

  • OKR – 7×4

    In this episode of the Agile Chuck Wagon, Chuck talks about objectives and key results. This framework is useful when cascading goals down to others.

  • Leadership Communication Grid – 5×13

    Tired of ineffective meetings? In this week’s episode, Chuck talks about a classification tool by Graham Jones from his book, Top Performance Leadership. His leadership communication grid describes what channels of […]

  • 4×7 – Ten Responses to Inappropriate Behavior

    Chuck talks about ways to respond to inappropriate behavior, a topic that unfortunately concerns many leaders in agile spaces like scrum masters. The material for this episode is drawn from […]

  • 3×01 – Leadership vs. Management

    In this first episode of Season 3, Chuck talks about how his career path has shown him the difference between leaders and managers. [podbean resource=”episode=mjxyz-8044e1″ type=”audio-rectangle” height=”100″ skin=”1″ btn-skin=”107″ share=”1″ […]