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  • Takt Time – 7×13

    In this episode, Chuck talks about Takt time, a Kanban metric for average unit production. He uses fast food restaurants and amusement park rides to illustrate what it measures and […]

  • The getKanban Game – 7×8

    In this reprise of a 2015 episode from the first incarnation of the Agile Chuck Wagon, Chuck describes the game getKanban. It’s used to teach people how to use Kanban […]

  • Flow Efficiency – 7×7

    Chuck talks about how this Kanban metric can be used by scrum teams to improve their velocity. Flow efficiency is touch time divided by time in process.

  • 5×1 – STATIK

    Starting season 5, Chuck talks about the STATIK framework to introduce Kanban as a delivery process. The framework comes from David Anderson’s book¬†Kanban. [podbean resource=”episode=rman9-92b9dd” type=”audio-rectangle” height=”100″ skin=”1″ btn-skin=”107″ share=”1″ […]

  • 4×6 – Little’s Law

    In today’s episode, Chuck talks about Little’s Law from queuing theory, which plays a prominent role in lean and Kanban. Queuing theory comes up a lot in our society, so […]

  • Women looking at Kanban board

    Introduction to Kanban – 1×05

    After mentioning Personal Kanban last episode (Lean Coffee vs Open Space (1×04)), Chuck went back to the archive of the original show and pulled out his episode called “Introduction to […]