• The 3 Amigos Technique – 8×3

    In this show, Chuck talks about the 3 Amigos story refinement technique, in which members of multiple disciplines come together to task our user stories. At my work, this is […]

  • Multiple Views on Pay to Speak – 8×2

    Chuck talks about the value agile coaches can gain by giving multiple viewpoints when answering questions. He uses the ‘pay-to-speak’ movement as an example.

  • Promotion and the Kübler-Ross Curve – 8×1

    In this episode, Chuck talks about this recent promotion and the changes it brings. He uses the Kübler-Ross curve to walk through the different emotions he felt. The curve consists […]

  • Season 7 Retrospective – 7×16

    Chuck uses the starfish retrospective technique to review Season 7. Overall listenership is up, multiple episodes from this season are in the top 20, and the future is bright. The […]

  • Karpman Drama Triangle – 7×15

    Chuck talks about the Karpman Drama Triangle, its roles of victim, rescuer, and persecutor. He also shares a couple frameworks for breaking the triangle. Note: Early listeners may have noticed […]

  • Eight Dimensions of Product Quality – 7×14

    Today, Chuck talks about David Garman’s eight dimensions of product quality: performance, features, reliability, conformance, durability, serviceability, aesthetics, and perceived quality. These categories are well-known in the TQM community, and […]

  • Takt Time – 7×13

    In this episode, Chuck talks about Takt time, a Kanban metric for average unit production. He uses fast food restaurants and amusement park rides to illustrate what it measures and […]

  • Pair Programming – 7×11

    This episode is about pair programming, and how it is not just for programmers. It is in a series of episodes about tricky things for agile coaches to teach.

  • Features versus Maintenance – 7×11

    In this episode, Chuck talks about the dynamic tension between delivering new features and maintaining the product. He talks about technical debt, and ways agile coaches and scrum masters can […]

  • Test-Driven Development – 7×10

    In this episode, Chuck talks about test-driven development (TDD). He talks about the practice, and ways agile coaches and scrum masters can help their teams adopt it. This is an […]