• OKR – 7×4

    In this episode of the Agile Chuck Wagon, Chuck talks about objectives and key results. This framework is useful when cascading goals down to others.

  • Deliberate Practice – 7×3

    Chuck talks about Anders Ericsson’s research in his book Peak. He explains why deliberate practice is better than just good enough, for both skill improvement and mastery. He explains deliberate […]

  • Only Handle It Once – 7×2

    This short episode introduces the short OHIO framework for handling information only once using the 4 T’s (tackle it, task it, toss it, transfer it).

  • Zig Ziglar’s Wheel of Life – 7×1

    Chuck Season 7 starts with Chuck talking about a personal retrospective technique. It’s based on Zig Ziglar’s 7 spokes on his Wheel of Life. The idea is that people are […]

  • Season 6 Retrospective – 6×16

    Chuck briefly recalls the last season.

  • Ten Ways to Have a Better Conversation – 6×15

    In this episode, Chuck relates ten tips for having better conversations from a TED talk by Celeste Headlee.

  • Writing Emails with Military Precision – 6×14

    In this episode, Chuck shares some techniques the US military uses to make emails easier to process, including putting tags in the subject line.

  • Good Enough – 6×13

    In this episode, Chuck talks about good enough. He touches on concepts like the Pareto Principle (you get 80% of the value with the first 20% of the work) and […]

  • Ten Action Signals – 6×12

    Emotions are just signals. When you are having trouble getting past one, it can be helpful to have a job aid. In this episode, I discuss ten action signals identified […]

  • Bullet Journal Revisited – 6×11

    In this episode, I talk about looking through my bullet journal for a set of questions I discussed in the last episode (ACW: Procrastination). I was surprised at what I […]