Month: March 2018

  • 3×15 – Commentary on Goal Episodes

    Chuck talks about the goal episodes published this season, and provides some context for his advice. This episode is sponsored by our friends and generous backers on Patreon. Sponsors are needed […]

  • 3×14 – Push Authority to Information

    Chuck talks about the work of David Marquet on what he calls intent-based leadership. The idea is to delegate decision making authority to the people who have the information to make […]

  • 3×13 – Backlog Bankruptcy

    In this episode, Chuck talks about the concept of backlog bankruptcy, and how ridding your backlog of cruft can help spur you on. This episode is sponsored by our friends […]

  • 3×12 – Affirmation

    In this episode of the Agile Chuck Wagon, Chuck talks about affirmation as a signal that you are going in the right direction. The occasion for this episode is the […]