Month: January 2018

  • 3×07 – Responses to Risk

    Today, Chuck talks about risk management theory and the ways to respond to risk. He talks about the difference between mitigating the likelihood of a risk and minimize the impact […]

  • 3×06 – The 5-second Rule

    This time on the Agile Chuck Wagon, Chuck talks about Mel Robbins’ 5-second rule. No, not the one about picking up food off the floor. Mel has a technique for […]

  • 3×05 – Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

    In this episode of the Agile Chuck Wagon, Chuck talks about a game called Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. It is a collaborative game, using a computer program and PDF […]

  • 3×04 – Alternatives to good and bad

    Today, Chuck talks about the words good and bad, and why it might not be a wise idea to use them as much. This episode is sponsored by our friends […]

  • 3×03 – Third Places

    In this third episode of season 3, what else would Chuck talk about except third places? In community building, a third place is a location where social¬†connection happens. Chuck talks […]