Month: June 2017

  • Measuring team performance – 1×13

    Chuck talks about measuring team delivery, using cycle time, escaped defects, planned-to-done ratio, and team happiness. Cycle time measures productivity. Escaped defects predict customer satisfaction. The planned-to-done ratio of a team’s backlog […]

  • RAPID decision-making framework – 1×12

    In this episode, Chuck introduces listeners to the RAPID decision making framework. People take on the roles of Input, Recommend, Agree, Decide and Perform (in that order). He talks about why […]

  • Team Composition – 1×11

    Team composition is an important topic for software delivery teams, and Chuck tackles it in this episode. He talks about vertical vs. horizontal teams, feature vs. topic teams, and talks […]

  • Bullet Journals – 1×10

    Continuing from last week’s episode on journaling, Chuck talks about bullet journals. He shares the layout that works best for him, as well as some tips for making the most of […]