5×2 – The Relationship Ecosystem

In today’s episode, Chuck talks about the Relationship Ecosystem that Morag Barrett describes in her book Cultivate. It’s a model to classify work relationships into four categories: ally, supporter, rival, and adversary. In this episode, Chuck introduces the classifications. This episode is sponsored by our friends and generous backers on Patreon. Sponsors are needed to help the podcast grow […]

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Eisenhower Decision Matrix – 1×14

Chuck introduces listeners to the Eisenhower Decision Matrix, which gets at the heart of the difference between urgency and importance. While they are sometimes found together, often things seem more urgent or important than they actually are. This mental categorization tool can help you figure out the difference. This episode is sponsored by our friends […]

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SIFT cognition model – 1×07

In this episode, Chuck introduces listeners to the SIFT cognition model. He uses a running example to show how mistakes in sensing your environment, inferring meaning, formulating intent, and translating thoughts into action can cause difficulties in communication. Links: SIFT cognition model on changingminds.org Running example, Puddles Pity Party at Austin radio station This episode is sponsored […]

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