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  • Consumer Buying Decision Process – 6×3

    In today’s episode, Chuck picks a marketing topic: the consumer buying decision process. He talks about the five steps (problem or need recognition, information search, evaluation of alternatives, purchase, and […]

  • 5×3 – BECOME Case Study – Sexist Remarks

    On this episode of the Agile Chuck Wagon, Chuck addresses a social media storm. Recently, a prominent member of the agile community has been making sexist comments about female software […]

  • 4×12 – Behavioral Interviews

    Today, Chuck talks about how to recognize a fellow agilist using behavioral interview techniques. He also shares some wisdom of the crowd around good interview questions. This topic stems from […]

  • 4×8 – The BECOME Process

    As a follow-up to a prior episode, Chuck talks about BECOME, a step-by-step approach to respond to an incident of inappropriate behavior as a teachable moment when possible. The name is an […]

  • 4×7 – Ten Responses to Inappropriate Behavior

    Chuck talks about ways to respond to inappropriate behavior, a topic that unfortunately concerns many leaders in agile spaces like scrum masters. The material for this episode is drawn from […]