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  • 4×13 – Alternate Agile Certifications

    At Mile High Agile 2018, Chuck talked to Mike Clement about the podcast’s agile certification series. From that conversation came the inspiration to talk about a couple alternatives, extending the ideas […]

  • 4×2 4×3 4×4 4×5 – CSP Certification Series

    In this four-part series, Chuck talks about getting his CSP certification. To start the series (4×2, episode 2 of season 4), he talks about the purpose of certification. In the […]

  • 3×09 – Rules Crunch

    In this episode of the Agile Chuck Wagon, Chuck talks about one of his favorite pastimes, roleplaying. There are a variety of rulesets out there, each with a level of […]

  • Gatekeeping – 2×14

    Today, Chuck tackles the topic of gatekeeping, the practice of deciding who gets to be a member of a group. Chuck applies this idea to the agile community, and suggests […]

  • INVEST acronym for user stories – 2×08

    Today, Chuck introduces listeners to the INVEST acronym, which is a method to help ensure good quality user stories. User stories are often used in agile as a way of […]

  • Standup Tips for Staying Focused – 2×01

    To start Season 2, Chuck gives tips on the daily standup meeting for scrum teams, centering on how to keep the meeting productive. This episode is sponsored by our friends […]

  • Season 1 Retro – 1×16

    In this final episode of Season 1, Chuck does a retrospective on the podcast. He talks about what went well, what didn’t go so well, and items for improvement. This […]

  • Scrum Master Role – 1×15

    Chuck waxes poetic about the scrum master role and what it entails. Thanks Alan Lu for the question! A scrum master is the custodian of the process, the facilitator, a coach, an obstacle […]

  • Dots

    Dot Voting – 1×03

    Chuck talks about the multi-voting technique called dot voting, which is popular in agile practice. Dot voting gives participants a fixed number of votes to cast among several items, and thus allows them to […]