Month: October 2018

  • Delegation 1 – When to Delegate – 5×14

    In this first part, Chuck talks about delegation and questions to ask yourself about whether it’s appropriate to delegate a task.

  • Leadership Communication Grid – 5×13

    Tired of ineffective meetings? In this week’s episode, Chuck talks about a classification tool by Graham Jones from his book, Top Performance Leadership. His leadership communication grid describes what channels of […]

  • Monthly Retrospectives – 5×12

    In today’s episode, Chuck talks about his own personal monthly retrospective. He describes the starfish retrospective format he uses, and the benefits of doing a periodic, personal retrospective. If you’d […]

  • Vary Your Daily Ritual – 5×11

    Today, Chuck talks about how a magazine ad from the late 80s and some listener feedback led to some improvements in the podcast. He also talks about ways to vary […]

  • Event Sourcing – 5×10

    In today’s episode, Chuck talks about the design pattern called event sourcing. It’s used when you need to know not only the current state of a system, but how it […]