Month: August 2018

  • Tornado Tim – 5×5

    This week is a short episode about a facilitation technique for helping a group of people learn each others’ names.

  • 5×4 – Company Growth Strategies

    In today’s episode, Chuck talks a marketing topic: the 10 ways you can grow a business. He talks about what a company might gain from each strategy, using illustrative examples […]

  • 5×3 – Alternatives to Right and Wrong in Speech

    As in previous episodes on word choice, Chuck talks about issues that can arise when leaders use the words ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ in their speech. He then talks about alternatives that […]

  • 5×2 – The Relationship Ecosystem

    In today’s episode, Chuck talks about the Relationship Ecosystem that Morag Barrett describes in her book Cultivate. It’s a model to classify work relationships into four categories: ally, supporter, rival, and adversary. […]