Month: June 2018

  • 4×12 – Behavioral Interviews

    Today, Chuck talks about how to recognize a fellow agilist using behavioral interview techniques. He also shares some wisdom of the crowd around good interview questions. This topic stems from […]

  • 4×11 – Mob Programming

    This week, Chuck talks about the emerging practice of mob programming, in which a group of three or more people collaboratively write code around a single keyboard and monitor. While this […]

  • 4×10 – Glasl’s Model of Conflict Escalation

    Today, Chuck talks about the conflict escalation model of Freidrich Glasl, which contains three levels of conflict, with three stages each. In addition, Glasl gives techniques for deescalating conflict based on which […]

  • 4×9 – The Hungarian Algorithm

    This week, Chuck describes the Hungarian algorithm, which is a way to solve the issue of fairly distributing tasks among an equal number of workers. He talks about how he […]

  • 4×8 – The BECOME Process

    As a follow-up to a prior episode, Chuck talks about BECOME, a step-by-step approach to respond to an incident of inappropriate behavior as a teachable moment when possible. The name is an […]