Month: May 2018

  • 4×7 – Ten Responses to Inappropriate Behavior

    Chuck talks about ways to respond to inappropriate behavior, a topic that unfortunately concerns many leaders in agile spaces like scrum masters. The material for this episode is drawn from […]

  • 4×6 – Little’s Law

    In today’s episode, Chuck talks about Little’s Law from queuing theory, which plays a prominent role in lean and Kanban. Queuing theory comes up a lot in our society, so […]

  • 4×2 4×3 4×4 4×5 – CSP Certification Series

    In this four-part series, Chuck talks about getting his CSP certification. To start the series (4×2, episode 2 of season 4), he talks about the purpose of certification. [podbean resource=”episode=f6b4y-8f73cd” […]