Month: October 2017

  • Gatekeeping – 2×14

    Today, Chuck tackles the topic of gatekeeping, the practice of deciding who gets to be a member of a group. Chuck applies this idea to the agile community, and suggests […]

  • Goals – 2×13

    In this show, Chuck talks about forming goals, and an alternative to SMART goals that he finds more compelling. This episode is sponsored by our friends and generous backers on¬†Patreon. […]

  • Agilist Highlight – Troy Magennis – 2×12

    In this first installment of a recurring series, Chuck highlights the work of an agilist he admires, Troy Magennis. Troy is known in the agile community for applying data science […]

  • Finite State Machines – 2×11

    This episode comes from the archives of the old Agile Chuck Wagon podcast. In this show, Chuck talks about the programming design pattern of finite state machines, which can be […]