Journaling – 1×09

On the Agile Chuck Wagon today, Chuck talks about journaling in a work context and some benefits it provides: Clarifying thoughts and exploring feelings Self-discovery Stress reduction Analyzing and solving problems Improving difficult conversations He also discusses the merits of electronic and paper journals. He continues the conversation in the next episode, which focuses on […]

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Performance as a Metric – 1×08

As an introduction to metrics, Chuck talks about performance in this episode. He compares the Boeing 747 and the Concorde, showing how both can be considered better performing even though they are very different. In the process, he discusses the concepts of throughput and latency. This episode is sponsored by our friends and generous backers on Patreon. […]

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SIFT cognition model – 1×07

In this episode, Chuck introduces listeners to the SIFT cognition model. He uses a running example to show how mistakes in sensing your environment, inferring meaning, formulating intent, and translating thoughts into action can cause difficulties in communication. Links: SIFT cognition model on Running example, Puddles Pity Party at Austin radio station This episode is sponsored […]

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Patreon link updated, sign up today!

In previous Agile Chuck Wagon episodes, the wrong Patreon link was posted. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Patreon, is it a crowdfunding site where listeners can subscribe to content they enjoy. In doing so, they get my deep thanks, access to rewards, and even extra content. The correct link is: I updated […]

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Introduction to Kanban – 1×05

After mentioning Personal Kanban last episode (Lean Coffee vs Open Space (1×04)), Chuck went back to the archive of the original show and pulled out his episode called “Introduction to Kanban”. Kanban takes cues from lean manufacturing practices and adapts its workflow management techniques to software delivery. During the episode, Chuck provides a high-level overview […]

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